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The Mediterranean Diet

Food defines me as a person.  It always has.  As the son of Greek immigrants, I grew up in a home where preparing and enjoying meals was among the most important times of the day.  I went out to become a chef and run several restaurants, and so I’ve quite literally relied on food for my livelihood and thus my life.  Always embracing and utilizing the fundamentals of cooking the Mediterranean way.  The Mediterranean Diet refers to a healthier approach to eating, one in which food is prepared using intensely flavorful, inherently healthful ingredients that satisfy.  Meals are based heavily on vegetables and fruits, whole grains, legumes and nuts, and healthy fats like olive oil.  It emphasizes herbs and spices to flavor food, and features more fish and poultry than red meat.  The thing that separates the Mediterranean diet from all others, and will keep you eating well and improving your health – is that it just tastes good.


Enjoy the Path to healthy eating…

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