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Garlic Confit

LITTLE MORE THAN PEELED GARLIC CLOVES IN A mix of olive and canola oil, garlic confit has become my near-universal replacement for butter. “Confiting” mellows raw garlic, removing its bite and making it sweet, soft and unctuous.

Chefs use tons of butter because it makes everything taster better. But it’s not altogether necessary. Try adding Garlic Confit when you make pan sauces (it adds body and flavor, just like butter!), use it as a spread for sandwiches (it’s spreadable and savory, just like butter!) and enrich a broth with it (it dissolves when heated, just like butter!).

For me, using Garlic Confit in place of butter has been life changing. It will transform the way you cook , while improving your health. Garlic Confit is the kind of pantry item every home cook needs; huge flavor payoff with barley any effort. I use Garlic Confit and puree in all my restaurants as well as my home.

When I began trying to come up with ways to make silken sauces without resorting to unhealthy fats, I started by pureeing confited vegetables, which worked beautifully. But when I tried the same technique with garlic I was floored. There was no going back! It seems whenever I make a dish in a pan, I find myself reaching for the cloves or puree, adding them by the tablespoonful to the liquid in the pan to give it another layer of flavor. In-fact, Garlic Confit is a perfect example of how I like to build layers of flavor into a dish. You can saute raw garlic in the confit oil, then add the puree to the pan to intensify the overall effect.

With the confit on hand, you can go from using the cloves in a garlicky roast chicken or spread on a grilled chicken sandwich, or puree and stir into practically any pan dish to make an unctuous pan sauce, or spread on slices of bread for the best garlic you’ve ever had in your life...No exaggerating!

Basically any time you reach for a fat, resist the urge and pull out your Garlic Confit instead!